Environmental Protection

It is derived from the awe of nature and the responsibility to the society. It is committed to the concept of sustainable development, investing in th


New Energy

In response to the call for national environmental protection and the conversion of new and old kinetic energy, Fuxiang Group actively develops enviro


Modern Agriculture and Consume

Aim: take agriculture as the foundation, return to the health group to pay attention to the food safety project, build the 10000 mu ecological orchard


Real Estate Development and Co

Adhering to the "willing, dedicated, innovative" business philosophy, to a responsible, moral image of the enterprise, to create a quality of life in


Culture Media & Art Collection

With two cultural trademarks, actively promoting the development of cultural industry, based on high quality brands, and using capital as a means to i


Strategic Investments, Private

According to globalization strategy, we should create a global platform with two-way integration of international and domestic resources. Through the